COUNSELING SESSIONS *                                                                                                                              
60 minutes – once a week:  $135.00/session

90 minutes – once a week:  $195/session

60 minutes – every other week:  $150/session

*Note:  All Counseling Sessions include EFT and EMDR

EFT INSTRUCTION AND COUNSELING (Counseling in Texas and Oregon only)
60 Minutes    $100 Per Session

For people want to learn how to use EFT on their own issues  and do not want personal counseling

15 minutes following a Counseling Session:  $25

*Note that 15 minutes of Sound Therapy is offered in conjunction WITH COUNSELING SESSIONS ONLY.

I am considered out of network for most insurance companies.  But if your insurance plan covers out of network counseling,  I can provide you with receipts that have all the information your insurance company will need to reimburse you.  Most of my clients have no problem receiving reimbursement from their insurances, but it does vary between insurance companies.

If you have more questions about the rates or have a special request/circumstance please email or call me.