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Healing Sound

“Sound is the medicine of the future.” –Edgar Cayce

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” –Nikola Tesla

Sound Therapy (also referred to as vibrational therapy) uses weighted and un-weighted tuning forks that produce distinct sound frequencies matching those of the Earth and other planetary bodies that resonate with our bodies.  With the client is on a massage table, the tuning fork is struck to begin its vibration and then applied directly on or over various locations on the body.  These vibrations travel along our energy pathways, go deeply into the body, and reach places not easily accessed by other means.  They have a distinctive, positive effect on our physiology because each person’s body will create different overtones, based on their physical and energetic make-up, overall health and individual needs at the time

The particular type of Sound Therapy offeredis called Acutonics.  Acutonics is based on Traditional Chinese Medicine, acupuncture points and the channels of energy that flow throughout our bodies.  Using tuning forks in this manner makes use of the vibratory energy created through sound to work with our own energies, assisting our innate ability to heal.

Why Does Sound Therapy With Tuning Forks Work?

The Guiding Principles of Sound Therapy*

  • We are made of vibration.
  • Our body has the ability to heal itself.
  • Our biorhythms and cycles are intimately connected with those of the Earth.
  • The vibrations of Ohm (Earth vibration) can help clear blockages in our energetic pathways.
  • Sympathetic resonance with the Earth helps to restore balance, establishes homeostasis and promotes healing.

*These principles were developed by Marjorie de Muynck, creator of Ohm Therapeutics™ Sound Healing, a practical application guide for using tuning forks as Sound Healing instruments.

When Vibrational Balance Is Restored:

  • Physical states improve – pain decreases or stops completely
  • Emotional states improve – decreased anxiety, anger, sadness–mood and outlook improve
  • Mental clarity improves – less mind chatter, more peace

What Can You Expect From A Tuning Fork Session?     

Most clients describe their experience as deeply comforting and relaxing.  Some have told us they experienced a reduction or complete cessation of physical pain.  Others made comments such as ‘I went somewhere’, indicating that they may have been in a meditative state.  Some people fall asleep during the session and awaken feeling renewed.  All experiences seem to be unique to the individual and determined to some extent, by what they may “need” at the time.


Watch these videos about Acutonics


Listening to Forks     not cropped or resizedListening closeup