Each of us has had experiences in our past that have “taught” us to feel and think in certain ways.  The pleasant experiences help create positive feelings about ourselves, our lives, our relationships, and so forth.  Unpleasant experiences teach us to think and feel negatively about ourselves and parts of our lives.  These negative experiences are called trauma.

When past trauma is affecting us in the present, it is likely that a negative experience or series of negative experiences are unresolved.  At the time of the experience, our brain and nervous systems were overwhelmed and unable to process our emotions and physical reactions.  This unresolved negative event is called an “active memory”.

When a negative memory is still active, various aspects of it can be triggered by “current information” – which are your thoughts of the memory and/or anything entering through one or more of your senses that reminds your system of the negative event, e.g. something you saw or heard, a certain smell, a particular song, or the way something feels in your hand, among many other possible sensations.  These triggers cause the emotions and physical reactions to recur.

Techniques such as EMDR and EFT can resolve these active memories and release the emotional and physical reactions related to them.  When this happens, the way we think and feel about the traumatic experience changes.  The memory feels “over with”.  When enough active memories are resolved, the way you see yourself, your life, your possibilities, and your deservedness expands.

The counseling sessions I offer include EMDR and/or EFT, both of which are extremely effective tools in resolving past trauma.  Contact me for a free consultation or to set up an appointment so we can start working together to create the changes you want in your life.


I am considered out of network for most insurance companies.  But if your insurance plan covers out of network counseling,  I can provide you with receipts that have all the information your insurance company will need to reimburse you.  Most of my clients have no problem receiving reimbursement from their insurances, but it does vary between insurance companies.