My Philosophy

I believe that all of us possess the capacity to overcome every obstacle that life brings us.  While it is certainly possible to achieve balance on our own, there are times when we may need help. It could be that we are on the right path and then become blocked by problems that seem overwhelming. Then there are times when we cannot even find the right path.

Whatever your issues are today, most likely they have been developing over a long period  of time.  The way you feel today has roots in your past.  That’s why therapists often ask about your earlier experiences and relationships.

I believe most parents and other adults who care for children are well-meaning and doing the best they are capable of.  They have their own sets of experiences and beliefs from which they operate in life.  Obviously that doesn’t guarantee an emotionally safe and peaceful childhood for any of us. And from those less than peaceful childhoods, we draw our own conclusions about ourselves, our abilities, our place in the world and what we deserve in life.

Both EFT and EMDR are designed to address and clear your automatic reactions to negative experiences.  Both are designed to assist you in moving through troubling emotions more quickly and easily than traditional methods of therapy.

Using EMDR and EFT on these foundational experiences clears (neutralizes) your responses to them, which has a profound effect on the way you view your current situations and life, in general.