“The true measure of any service is the honest testimony of it’s clients.”

Here are just some of the many clients whom I have helped and am proud of being able to guide them from being stuck and in pain to being free and healthy.

General Testimonials

“I personally like Jayne’s ability…”

“I personally like Jayne’s ability to keep things light even when you are working on a serious matter. Jayne has great patience with your issues even when you are personally fed up with them.”

C. , – San Antonio, Texas
“Jayne and EFT cured me…”

“Jayne and EFT cured me from needing a patch for motion sickness (on a cruise) in ONE session. I’m hooked, and I’ve used it many, many times since our one session together. Good stuff, and Jayne uses it very well, very compassionately.”

S. R. , - San Antonio, TX
“Since I was a teenager…”

“Since I was a teenager, I could not sing, hear, or even think of the song “Silent Night” without crying. Using EFT and working with Jayne, I spent my first Christmas in 35 years celebrating the season and the songs without tears. I find myself humming the tune all year long and truly enjoy the memory now associated with the words and music.”

K.M. , - San Antonio, TX
“My sessions with Jayne…”

“My sessions with Jayne are simply remarkable because we tackle very distressing issues with such ease. I stay calm and relaxed during my sessions with Jayne. A far cry from my experiences with traditional talk therapy where I would be completely deflated after a session.”

“I have tried various therapies…”

“I have tried various therapies over the years to recover from an alcoholic father and mentally ill mother in my family of origin. In just ten sessions with Jayne, I was finally able to let go of the fears and reactions that have been sabotaging my personal growth. Thanks to EFT, I have finally accepted my childhood, forgiven my parents and become free of this lifelong burden.”

53-year-old , - educator/wife/mother

Sound Therapy Testimonials

“After our first Tuning Fork Session”
“After our first Tuning Fork Session, I noticed a significant reduction in the feeling of stress throughout my body. I also had some pain elimination.”
P.F. , - Musician
“Pain in my back.”
“When I came to the session, I had a lot of pain in my lower back. When the session was over, it was so much better. I definitely plan to have another session!”
Ellen S. , - Teacher
“I had been in pain..”
“I had been having pain in my jaw for 3 days. After my session, the pain completely went away. And I felt such a surge of energy!”
Marie S. , Artist
“This is for me.”
“This method is, for me, such a gentle, nuanced spiritual journey into my body.”
“My life is really stressful..”
“My life is really stressful and has been for a long time. I didn’t really know what to expect or hope for, but after my first session, I felt so much better. Nothing had changed in my life. I still had all the same stress but I felt less upset about it and more able to deal with it.”
T.S. , Student